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RECHARGE YOURSELF! It’s “JUST” not a pit stop, We have crafted a space just for you. So, pause for a while, take a nap, have a shower, take a bite, make a call, send a mail, watch a program, and many more.

At DOZ, every break is a surprise, and every journey unfolds a new adventure.

What's More?

We believe in going the extra mile to make your stop truly exceptional. The commitment to your comfort extends beyond the basics, introducing extraordinary services that redefine your travel experience. Now, let's explore the thoughtfully curated range of services, available 24/7 every day, designed with precision to enhance your experience and bring an added dimension of comfort to your journey.

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Clean Restrooms and Bathrooms: Cleanliness is a priority for us. We firmly believe that maintaining the vitality of both body and soul begins with a meticulous approach to hygiene. Here, hygiene and comfort take center stage because clean restrooms and bathrooms can make all the real difference on a long journey.

Restaurant: Feeling a bit low on energy or having trouble concentrating on the road? Swing by the in-house restaurant for a soul-warming coffee or grab a delicious snack. Because every journey deserves a flavorful companion to keep you energized and focused on the road ahead!

Recliners: Tackle Road weariness with a quick nap in comfy recliners. A microsleep can be a game-changer on those long drives, so make sure you're refreshed to hit the road.

Mother Feeding Room: Moms, we've got you covered! Find a peaceful and private space for both you and your little one, a dedicated space for comfort and care.

Entertainment: Relax with some TV time. It's the perfect breather to recharge your spirits before the next leg of your adventure.

EV Station: Recharge your electric vehicle and yourself at the eco-friendly EV station, ensuring you stay charged and ready for the drive.

Noise Cancellation Pod: Whether you need to attend a meeting or seek privacy for a phone call, dedicated noise cancellation pods offer the perfect space for it all.

Wi-Fi and Office Tables: Need to stay productive? Send that drafted email you've been waiting to send, making the most of your time on the go. Utilize high-speed Wi-Fi and dedicated office tables, turning your stop into a mobile workstation.

Why Choose DOZ Lounge on National Highways?

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Fresh Restrooms: Every road trip requires clean restrooms. At DOZ, you'll discover spotless facilities, always prioritizing your comfort

Energize Yourself: Feeling a bit hungry or tired? This rest area is here to refresh your mind and body, gearing you up for the upcoming journey.

Stay Productive on the Go: While you're traveling, if you need to send an email or attend a business meeting, you can utilize the lounge.

Beat Tiredness: Long drives and drowsiness often come together. Take a break, relax in comfy sleeping pods, and shake off tiredness for a safe and alert drive.

Safety Matters: A well-rested and well-fed traveler is a safe traveler. Prioritize comfort and need to stay alert and ready for the journey ahead.

More customers, more love.

There's no better way to capture the success of DOZ Lounge than through the voices of our valued customers

"This place is fantastic! A must-stop, especially during long highway drives. Most of us are concerned about physical comfort, hygiene, and safety while on road trips. And it addresses just that.  Doz Lounge is a decent, safe, and family-friendly spot that offers a much-needed break during monotonous drives. The restrooms are well-maintained and hygienic. You can even grab a quick bite. They have separate booths available for long calls or work, making it even more convenient. I highly recommend including this stop in your itinerary to ensure you have a great road trip experience. Kudos to the team! I hope more such places pop up at 150-200 km intervals to plan our drive breaks. Cheers!" - Swetha Ravindran

"Excellent place to stop and doze in between journeys. Excellent food and the staff were extremely helpful. Very clean and tidy place to refresh. Toilets were spotless. Recliners and sofas were cozy and relaxing." - Mohammed S


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Can't wait to see you

Why wait? take a break when you stop, doze off, and start your journey with a fresh perspective.

Stop. Doze. Start. Your journey, redefined, awaits!


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