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Freeze your present. Rewind 500 years back. Imagine traveling through India, a time without fast trains or fancy cars, where people journeyed by foot or rode trusty horses and elephants. Short trips demanded sturdy shoes, while longer journeys relied on horses, bullocks, elephants, and camels, the traditional modes of transport of the time.

For the affluent, the luxury of a palanquin (Pallaku), a covered chair carried by people, provided a comfortable means of travel. Alternatively, in the countryside, a bullock cart served as a reliable mode, transporting both people and essential goods.

There was a huge network of footpaths and trade routes that linked cities and villages together. When travelers needed a place to stay and rest, the choices they had were diverse, depending on why they were traveling and the specific regions they were passing through. The idea of hospitality and offering shelter to those on the road had a strong cultural history in India, with various communities taking pride in helping travelers along their journey.

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In addition to those, travelers often relied on rest houses called Choultries. These Choultries not only provided a place to rest and refresh but also served as meeting points where travelers could interact with each other. Additionally, they were hubs of information, allowing travelers to learn about other rest areas along their journey and exchange tips and advice. Essentially, they formed a network of support along the ancient trade routes of India, facilitating both physical rest and social connection for travelers.

Now, let's fast forward to the present time. While travel has become faster, the concept of rest areas and traditional hospitality seems to have faded away. However, the desire for comfort still remains strong. This is where DOZ Lounge steps in, aiming to redefine your journey and provide the comfort that modern travelers seek.

DOZ Lounge is currently located on the Tindivanam and Krishnagiri highway and is expanding further all over India. DOZ is more than a rest stop. It's a modern rest area designed for your comfort. We provide cozy sleeping areas, recliners, and comfy sofas for relaxation. To ensure a comfortable journey, we maintain clean restrooms and bathing facilities. For your hunger, we offer a variety of snacks and beverages.

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To make travel eco-friendly, charge your Electric Vehicle at an EV charging station. Need to catch up on work while on the move? A dedicated work desk and free Wi-Fi available! Additionally, for those important meetings, we have noise cancellation pods to ensure privacy. We have noticed the challenges of feeding a baby while traveling, so to address it we have created a mother feeding room to provide a comfortable space for mothers to feed and care for their babies. DOZ Lounge is open 24/7, welcoming travelers whenever they need assistance.

So, the next time you are on the Tindivanam and Krishnagiri highway, don't miss DOZ Lounge. For even greater convenience, consider downloading the Dozpass mobile application for easy access to DOZ Lounge amenities. Let us be a part of your road trip, and allow us to enhance your journey.


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