Stop. Doze. Start

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Experience the Unexperienced!

Welcome to DOZ!

DOZ believes in Stop. Doze. Start.

Here, every break is a chance to relax, every small moment is valued for a quick nap, and every new beginning means a fresh adventure.

DOZPASS - Your PASS to Travel the World:

Dozpass Application

DOZPASS, a tech-driven membership program, ensures stress-free, comfortable, and secure journeys for all travelers by granting priority access to lounges, hotels, restaurants, and EV stations.

Gain privileged access to an extensive network by downloading the DOZPASS Mobile App and subscribing to the membership. The DOZPASS app guides you to luxurious lounge facilities, ensuring a safe journey with hygienic breaks. It's available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Your Comfort, Your Safety and Your Money Matters to us:

DOZ Services


Doz Lounge

At DOZ LOUNGE, your comfort, productivity, and well-being matter. It's not just a space; it's a haven tailored to transform travel breaks into delightful and rejuvenating experiences. 


Doz Station

Recharge your car! Recharge yourself at DOZ LOUNGE. Make your break productive and meaningful. Use our facility for eco-friendly travel practices.


Doz Resto


The freedom of choice at our gamete of restaurants, different flavors, and at every location in India. Enjoy Guaranteed 25-50% Discount at premium restaurants and bars in our network. Get special deals and coupons through the DOZPASS application.


At DOZ, commitment lies in redefining the travel experience to be seamless, comfortable, and memorable for every individual. The vision extends beyond being a mere stop; it's about curating an experience that enhances journeys.

As we expand, the goal is to reach across the World, bringing the essence of DOZ to every travel enthusiast. Each DOZ LOUNGE, DOZ EV STATION, DOZ HOTEL, DOZ RESTAURANT feature within the DOZPASS application embodies core values of comfort, convenience, and care.

Download the DOZPASS application now to access DOZ LOUNGE, DOZ EV STATION, DOZ Restaurant, and DOZ Hotels.

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Stop. Doze. Start. Your journey begins with DOZ today!


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Experience the Unexperienced!

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